Sunday, December 24, 2006

KEY'S.........................................YES BY CRICKEY WE HAVE THEM

Holy house finished batman we have the keys. Alas the place is far from complete.......well at leats to Kay and me's satifaction. Still waiting on stuff to be complete from pre-hand over and hand over date. Not till January now. Still have no drive or alfresco. Hate, hate, vomit hate!!!! Pleaase be over soon!!
At least Xmas in the "New House" is happening. Kids really excited about Santa coming with a bag full of goodies.


I better go this posting is during work time.

Shame on you Glenn, Shame on you.

Friday, December 08, 2006


My turn to keep you up to date with the latest bullshit that we were fed! I was afraid that the keyboard would not cope with the pressure of Glenn pounding the keys!.....That and the somewhat colourful language that may grace this page.

Well, we were told handover would happen Wednesday 6th December 10am on-site. That in itself (the on-site bit) seemed a little strange. Everyone else we know has had handover at the office. So that's oddity number 1 (oddity number 2 would have been receiving some customer service from these any time......ever!).

Now based on history with our time in this building nightmare, Glenn and I knew well enough NOT to get excited. And we were once again proven correct.

We set out Wednesday morning with the hope that all the crap that we've endured may soon be over.....Alas 'twas not to be!! We felt physically ill, so much so that we could have quite easily pulled over and thrown up! As we drove the seemingly never ending road to our house we pulled up to a HUGE pile of rubble, sand and other building material. It was like we were stuck in a time warp and had gone back in time 3 weeks because nothing had been done since our inspection. The supervisor was on the defence straight away saying the painter had let him down again, and the cleaner can't do it until Monday 11th. Oh, he did say he tried getting hold of Glenn (this even though we have from day one told them to ring me as I'm more likely to be available). See this is the bullshit we get fed. The place was a pig sty! The floors still hadn't been cleaned, doors still needed to be hung, dishwasher was yet to be installed - you know just small things!!! I mean come on. How much shit do we have to put up with? The thing that REALLY PISSED US OFF was that I'd asked the question Monday morning on whether it was still gonna happen. Yes Kay, not heard anything different Kay, Supervisor hasn't informed me otherwise so all still good. CRAP - FUCKING BULLSHIT LIARS!!! (sorry Mum) They had to have known that it wasn't gonna happen.

We'd organised our tiles to be delivered, arranged a time to have the carpets laid and were going to paint before that was done on the 18th. All gone to shit! All it would have taken was a phone call saying hey guys sorry, but it's not gonna happen. But no, that would mean customer service and ummmm - we haven't seen any of that yet so I don't know what we were thinking!!!

I feel like back charging them for loss of income, rent, serious frustration and stress! Don't like my chances though. Just as well that we didn't take them on their word (hey wouldn't that be nice??) by forfeiting our rental and arranging to move in this weekend. That would have been interesting. Oh, I forgot - they did actually offer to give us the keys. Unbelievable! The bloody cheek of it - we don't even have dead locks, just holes where they're supposed to go!! I said what's the point, nothing's been done. I had to keep walking away, I was so mad and those who know me well know that this is when my emotions kick in and I probably would have ended up in tears. I WAS NOT GOING TO GIVE THEM THAT SATISFACTION! I can't believe we're still in this nightmare. We so want to say give us the keys and #@*& off!!!! These guys couldn't organise a root in a brothel (sorry Mum...again!!!)

Then today (2 days later) I get a phone call from our Customer Liaison Officer (LOL - laugh out loud) saying I hear things didn't go well Wednesday. My reply - uh yeah! So we're fed the "it'll be ready Thursday 14th December at 10am for handover - would you like to book in?" Gee, let me think about that for a while..........Yeah why don't you do that!*$#. Then (and this is the kicker) she says to me "You're not happy are you Kay? Do you want to tell me about it? That's what I'm here for". Can you believe it? I nearly laughed in her face. I'm thinking no, I don't feel like telling you 'cause I may not be able to stop the profanity coming out of my mouth or the tears from my eyes as my emotions go into overdrive...yeah yeah - okay I'm a sook but at least I can admit it!!! She's like are you sure? Yeah - what's the point? Going to the Construction Manager and CEO didn't help but hey I'm sure you'll listen!!!!



Wednesday, November 22, 2006


Had another site meeting today. This one was arranged so we could see the house in all it's glory, meaning the place was gonna be cleaned. (Get some cool photo's for the blog!) In spic-n-span condition for our viewing pleasure. The pile of crap out the front was gonna be cleared. All organised last week with the super and his boss.

We rocked up this arvo a little early coz we was a bit excited. We waited and waited.........and waited a bit more. We could see from the front that the house wasn't touch from our last meeting. The place was still a pigs paradise and the shit out the front was moved from here. Why??? Fuck knows!! Oh....they did clear the drive hense the moving of some of the shit from here to there. They semi levelled the driveway, put down some yellow sand, Why? I hear you ask. Good question coz we were told today that the pavers aren't ready until January!!!!! Great just great.... We are movin in with no drive or alfresco. Lucky we got a 4WD!!!!! The wrong front doors were delivered......can't be stained as arranged and paid more for I might add. So they gotta go back and wait for a shipment from Sydney to arrive for the right ones!!

The super arrived at 20 past the arranged time....sat in the car for about 5 minutes talking on the out walked straight past us.....didn't say boo......opened the front doors..Why???? Buggered if I know.....(No point going in side)
Man at this stage me hair was on fire. I'm sure the dickhead could see from the car that I was steaming. I reckon he was on the phone calling for back-up. Kay laughed at that.
No appology, no nothing. He just said the cleaner has been booked.....yea no shit, but for when. Should ave been done for this arvo??????? Man o man what do ya have to do. He then said we will be in, in 14 days............The cheek..BULLSHIT!!!

I mean.....back up the fuckin crap truck. Enough is enough. I HAVE HAD A GUT FULL!! I"M FINISHED......DONE LIKE A DOGS DINNER. Just give us the keys now. I'll do the rest...........JUST FUCK OFF!!!!!

A final bit of worthless trivia for ya. Our block was purchased 367 days ago today and we are now officially 79 days over schedule from when the pad went down!!

Sunday, November 19, 2006


Just a boring update without any pics. Looks like we should be in before Xmas after all. Had a site meeting on Friday. The house is almost finished. Just needed the final touches to the painting, door handles put on, front doors stained, stove put in and hooked up, dish washer installed, driveway paved, walls patched up, paint man hole cover, fix up laundry where they layed the wrong tiles (NOB HEADS!!!), finish the wiring, pave the alfresco, clean the eave paint off the brickwork, remove all the shit from the front yard and clean the inside of the house.

Man.........that sounds like a real Christmas list hey. Here's hoping.

Oh and it's offical........straight from the horses mouth......we are 74 working days behind schedule. That equates to 14 weeks. So our move in date should have been around the 12th August.
According to the bulider there is only 1 home that is slower than us. They are 98 days behind. Nice to know we aren't last but ya gotta feel for them.

Oh and I think I forgot to mention that when they delivered all the doors including the feature ones the house wasn't at lock-up. So.....that night the door fairies flew on over and took ALL OUR DOORS. I mean how stupid do you have to be??? Delivering stuff of value before the place is locked up and secured.

Frustrated doesn't even touch the surface.

The Verminator

Monday, October 16, 2006


The Newly Weds.

Darren and Vicki Mills.
15th Oct 2006.

A day to remember and not just for the free BEERS!!!

Awesome day. Fantastic weather.

The night before. The kiddies just "chillin" at the apartments where we stayed for the two nights.

The big day and our three little gems in all their glory. Nathan the upstanding Page Boy, Georgia and Shenae the beautiful Flower Girls. So Cute. Bless their little hearts. Mwa!!

Mummy and Daddy posing for a self portrait. Not a bad pic considering it was on the end of about 7 beers!! Did I mention the tab was nice and deep. Mmmm BEER!!

Who said Vermin are ugly, just check out these 5. Gorgeous!!

More of the kiddies just coz we can!!! Aren't they fabtabulous!!

Had a great day, a fantastic weekend.

Thursday, September 21, 2006


Grand Final Day.....The last Saturday in September..........Premiers!!!

Was there any doubt???? HELL NO!

Ya know it just fits......1992, 1994, 2006. Got a REAL nice ring to it.

What a game. 1 point winners. WELL DONE BOYS!!!


Day out at the Zoo!

Today we helped Kay's Mum aka, Grandma celebrate her birthday with a day at the zoo. I won't tell you her age coz that'll be a sure fire way to be expelled out of the will!! The weather was so so, with intermittent rain but that didn't dampen the spirits of the kids not to mention the little ones too!! We had an awesome time. The place has really changed in the few years since we last visited the family...HaHa!

This is a 16 year old elephant called "PERMUI" who was show-casing her tricks then the finale, the water spit. Very clever elephant. (Cool photo too)

This is one of the cute meerkats just enjoying the little bit of sun that graced us for a short time. No your not seeing double, well......yes you are really, thanks to some clever photographic skills!!

Who said not eating all your vegies makes you weak. Let me see Superman do this!!

Not to be out done, Georgia proves it can be done on one leg!!

This young wippersnapper didn't want to leave to comforts of home so she made dam sure her bum was firmly planted to that sheep skin seat cover in her pram. She had fun....but.....only on her terms. People that know Shenae, know just what I mean!!

Some more of the "locals". I like to call them....Curly, Larry & Moe. Don't really know why but it just seems to fit.

This young lady was huge. She must have stood 3 mtrs tall.

Not the best angle of this zebra I know but do you think the shit would turn around....NO! So we are stuck looking at it's bum. Say CHEESSSEEEE!!

Shit I had to look twice at this fella. Could have sworn this was a extended member of the family...........Ya never know!!!!?

Georgia & Nathan frolicking with some of the more well know locals. Addition #3 unfortunately was still stuck to the pram and refused to budge.

Wednesday, August 23, 2006


We have windows and ceilings!!!!! It's amazing.

They have done more work in one week than than they have in the last 3 months, if ya know what I mean???

Stick a fire cracker in their pants and off they go!!